Established in 2009 Magpie Ltd is the UK’s number one wholesale stock clearance company. We are skilled stock clearance specialists in purchasing and selling unwanted stock. Such as bankrupt stock, surplus wholesale stock, liquidation stock, closeouts and excess merchandise. In addition we offer bespoke stock clearance services.

Our team of wholesale clearance experts have a reputation firstly for professionalism. Secondly for trust. Thirdly for excellent customer service. Magpie Ltd buy and sell wholesale clearance stock to UK and International TRADE customers. This includes blue-chip companies and large discount store groups. Also online retailers, online marketplace sellers, exporters and other wholesale retailers.

If you need to buy or sell unwanted stock or to discuss our bespoke services call 01444 242281.

Covid-19. Since January 2020 we have been sourcing and supplying Covid-19 products for our customers. Click here for details.